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Within this five-week Masterclass, we will delve into:


  • What is procrastination? 

  • How did I get here?

  • How do I attain my freedom and maintain it?

Participants will learn how to practically apply God's word to their thinking to produce the freedom that has been freely given to them.



April 10,2022 6:30 PM (EST) & 5:30 PM (CST)  - May 22,2022



Location: Zoom

Zoom Link will be sent




We will provide a scriptural understanding of the freedom that is available to every believer through Jesus Christ. This interactive class will provide insight, aha moments, and revelation of the freedom that belongs to you.

An Evicting Procrastination Workbook (Included in the Cost of Class) by Julie Husbands will be forwarded electronically to all registered attendees.



The program will be offered via ZOOM. The recording will be available to paid registrants.

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