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Julie Husbands

Founder & CEO

Kingdom Citizens Network, LLC


Kingdom Style Magazine  

A Bit About Me

Julie Husbands was born on the beautiful island of Barbados in the Caribbean and immigrated to Philadelphia in 1985 as a teenager. She graduated from Springfield High School and attended The Community College of Philadelphia from 1987 to 1989, where she
pursued a degree in Business Administration.


As much as Julie wanted to go to the next level in business, there was a pull to start
“doing.” At the tender age of 20, she decided to receive on-the-job training instead of continuing her education. Over an 11-year period, she accepted positions with the Coca Cola Bottling Company, Glaxo Smith Klein (formerly, Smith Klein Beecham
Pharmaceuticals), as well as other local employers, Impacting Your World Ministries, and Alta Communications.


However, in 2001 things began to shift again in Julie’s heart. She recognized that there was more to her than met the eye. Her eye that is! Although grateful for the skills she acquired
through her on-the-job training, she figured, why not utilize those skills, and receive compensation for them. She started a cleaning business, Bullseye Cleaning Service (BCS), where her attention to detail and excellent customer service was high in demand. Presently,
she still operates BCS, but with a very select clientele.


Over the years Julie’s success has afforded her the opportunity to work with a diverse array of clients, including CEOs, directors, lawyers, architects, military personnel, interior decorators, clergy, musicians, Gospel artists, and the like. What they all recognized was
Julie’s capacity to solve problems, especially during emergencies, maintain a high level of confidentiality and provide superb customer service. In November 2015, these connections led to the launching of Kingdom Citizens Network, LLC (KCN), where Julie serves as its
founder and CEO in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. While building KCN, Julie realized her passion for serving, encouraging, and pushing others. She developed her gift through partnership and collaboration with others one-on-one to help them accomplish their DREAMS!


KCN’s services include special event planning, virtual office assistance, booking and scheduling services, just to name a few. After spending more than two decades working in business administration and customer service with various individuals, companies, and ministries, her secret to success is how well she connects and communicates with her clients that really matters. It’s not just all about the business’ bottom line.


In addition, Julie is the host of an annual singles conference, presented by KCN, LLC. In addition, she is a licensed, ordained minister, as well as a worship leader and speaker. She is also the host of “Boss Chick Shout Mondays,” held live on Face Book every second Monday of the month. Her latest Book Collaboration Project, of which she is a Co-Author, was released in December 2021, Owning Your Uniqueness – Your Voice Matters, by Visionary Tina Harmon.

Her additional project, Kingdom Style Magazine, was launched January 27th, 2018, of which she is the Founder and Editor-in-Chief. The magazine’s 6th Edition will be released in the winter 2022.

Julie is a single mother to Karletta, who she describes as her beautiful blessing. Her
favorite quote is, “Nothing happens until you do something.”

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